I help people understand what health is and how to attain it. Part of what I do is removing subluxations from the patient’s spine. Subluxations are spinal bones that are misaligned and cause nerve interference which decrease your body’s ability to adapt and balance properly.

Other aspects of the chiropractic lifestyle we teach are exercise, proper eating habits for life, understanding toxicity and controlling the stress in your life.

The office is very VITALISTIC when it comes to healing. We also understand your symptom is not your problem – it is a sign of your problem. Therefore, to help you heal we must look deeper into why you hurt and NOT function primarily on “just pushing on the sore spot”. Remember the smoke alarm is a sign of the fire, it is not the fire. Taking the battery out of the alarm will never stop a burning fire.

The better you care for yourself the better your body will heal. When you realize the symptom is there for a reason you will make better lifestyle decisions for the rest of your life!